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FAQ | Frequently Asked Question

What is sliceables? 
Sliceables is a team of passionate entrepreneurs from the 3D printing space with a mission to help you monetize your 3D printing hobby. 
How sliceables is connected to 3D Printing Monetization Academy and Sliceify?
We at sliceables want to easily distinguish and build separately all the ideas and platforms we come up with. So we decided to brand them under separate names. 
Can get a refund for my purchase? And how? 
Yes, we provide full refunds for all our products if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Just contact us at 
How can I cancel my Sliceify subscription?
Just contact us at and we will cancel it right away. 
Can I sell the Sliceify models I print?
Yes, Sliceify models are made in mind for printing and selling. We love to see you earn money with them!

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