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We, sliceables, are a team of passionate creators and entrepreneurs. Our expertise is everything around 3D printing and monetizing it.
Our mission is to share knowledge on how you can stop wasting and start earning money with 3D printing.
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How to START selling 3D printed products online
The first steps are usually the hardest ones. You can easily get overwhelmed by all the product options, sales channels, and tactics. We recommend narrowing down and setting small, but clear steps to not get overwhelmed. 
Most common mistake when trying to earn money with 3D printing. 
The most common mistake I see in basically everyone who is trying to earn money with 3D printing is...
Should I sell cheap or expensive products? 
Should you go for high ticket more expensive side products or cheaper ones? 

Is it easier for you to convince two people to buy 200$ worth of product or 40 people to 10$ worth of product? Generally speaking, it's better to sell high-ticket items, because you have a higher profit margin, and sometimes easier to acquire clients...
Working with dropshippers in the 3D printing business. 
Do you want to make money with 3D printing but don't want to bother with sales? 

We have an option - dropshippers. 

Dropshippers are the middleman. They create the...
How to take stunning product pictures for 3D printed items.
Taking product pictures of 3D printed products can be a challenging task, but with the right setup and techniques, you can achieve professional-looking results.
3D Printing Monetization Academy
Everything you need to know to start earning money with 3D printing at your fingertips. 
Membership for 3D Models for 3D printing.

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