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We, sliceables, are a team of passionate creators and entrepreneurs. Our expertise is everything around 3D printing and monetizing it.
Our mission is to share knowledge on how you can stop wasting and start earning money with 3D printing.
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Should I sell cheap or expensive products? 
Is it easier for you to convince two people to buy 200$ worth of product or 40 people to 10$ worth of product? Generally speaking, it's better to sell high-ticket items, because you have a higher profit margin, and sometimes easier to acquire clients. Also less hustle with shipping etc.

You can sell high-ticket products IF your skills in making these products are up to standards. If not, you should start with cheaper-end products and work your way up. 

On Etsy, customers will have a hard time trusting a store with expensive products, no sales, and no reviews. So it could be a wise move to start with cheaper end products so that you can build your reputation up. 

Upselling is really important as one of our sales goals is to maximize the average order value. You can offer bundles of cheaper-end products of similar themes and increase your order value. For example cookie cutter bundles. We will talk about upsells and crosells in a different article. 

We have had some funny situations. We listed two exactly the same products with different images. In one or multiple stores. One product listing had 100$ price tag, the other one was 200$. Which one was more popular? From which we made more money? Yes, from the 200$ one. It's funny but people tend to have this perception that more expensive products have a reason for being more expensive. Maybe quality or exclusivity. So don't be shy about pricing your prints and experimenting. 

In business, there is a saying that you should be the cheapest one or the most expensive one in the market.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of selling 3D printed products online, check our 3D Printing Monetization Academy here

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CEO and founder of sliceables. 
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