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About sliceables
We, sliceables, are a team of passionate creators and entrepreneurs. Our expertise is everything around 3D printing and monetizing it.
Our mission is to share knowledge on how you can stop wasting and start earning money with 3D printing.
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How to START selling 3D printed products online.
The first steps are usually the hardest ones. You can easily get overwhelmed by all the product options, sales channels, and tactics. We recommend narrowing down and setting small, but clear steps to not get overwhelmed. 

1. Choose your product niche. Focus on ONE niche you are making your products for and stick to it. (Only props, statues, pokemons, airplanes, etc.)
2. Gather as many 3D models as you can within your chosen niche and start 3D printing samples.
3. Choose your sales channel and open a store. Focus on one sales channel at first. Start with online marketplaces to get free traffic. (Etsy, eBay e.c.)
4. Tell your story online. Advertise your craft. Start building social media presence, write a blog, and greet yourself on FB/Reddit relatable customer groups/forums.
5. Continue making as much products samples as you can and list them on your store. At first, quantity is a lot more important than quality to start understanding winning product patterns/formulas. 

If you are doing this alone, determine if your strengths lie in selling or making. Of course, you will have to do both, but it's excellent to understand your strengths and focus on them.

If you enjoy selling, invest your time in learning about copywriting, SEO, and advertising.

If you prefer making, focus on improving your product design, adding electronics, and finding ways to add more value to your products.

If you don't like selling at all, read our article on how to work with dropshippers here.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of selling 3D printed products online, check our 3D Printing Monetization Academy here

Have fun!

About Author: Edgars Dimants

CEO and founder of sliceables. 
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