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About sliceables
We, sliceables, are a team of passionate creators and entrepreneurs. Our expertise is everything around 3D printing and monetizing it.
Our mission is to share knowledge on how you can stop wasting and start earning money with 3D printing.
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Working with dropshippers in the 3D printing business. 
Do you want to make money with 3D printing but don't want to bother with sales? 

We have an option - dropshippers. 

Dropshippers are the middleman. They create the brand, set up the website, and attract clients. You 3D print the product for a wholesale price, he sells it for a profit and you ship the product directly to the customer. Everyone wins. 

Where to find these dropshippers? From our experience, be an active member in Facebook, and Reddit dropshipping groups and time after time offer your manufacturing services. Another way is to find dropshipping stores on the Internet and offer your services to them directly!

You can work only with dropshippers or simultaneously sell on your own. We currently only work with dropshippers to focus on manufacturing not sales.

In business, some say it's wise not to put all the eggs in one basket. :) 

About Author: Edgars Dimants

CEO and founder of sliceables. 
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